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This is krishna thapa , frequently called Thapa, kale, Krish n Avi, but here you can call me Krisu:D and the meaning of my name is THE BLACK in nepali, hindi and sanskrit.

Whatever this is me, hu luvs 2paint,write and design, having a keen interest in fine art , graphic and web design.
And movie editing , cutting and destroying its origional beauty xD is also making me busy nowdays, but believe me i m not a director dat i mentioned in my youtube channel.(see it)

Yeah i m from Nepal. I was born in 1982, in a remote village, the land of hills Dhading. I graduated from TU with a certificate in science and technology. Then my bachelor was in sociology, yes, i changed the faculty. BTW I wanted to move any academic field of visual or fine art to surf my career... but ya know lots of things in life r remained undone..

I love the canvas, brush & colors.One nice day i found something interesting in computer called graphic art, since then i luv to play wt it, but i m never instructed it professionally. If you are wondering is the clue---google & w3schools are my webgurus.

I m also interested in animations or visual effects, but i found it really hard, that i cant get it by self study, if there is some1 want 2share ideas and help me......, Please! but beware! my level is zero in this case.

Specially this site is to express my literature works in my language -ie Nepali.But i ve collected loads of other stuffs unnecessarily, which I learned or found in computer doing 1thing or the other, when i seek the net.

n if u are feeling bored, please shout n suggest me,
you are always welcome!

I try to keep my articles,poems or stories in this web site(photos and paintings ............coming soon!). But my frens, take it easy if its not updated regularly, Bcoz' dats me ;) I've nothing well planned n regular in my life.

commercial break!
& if you want a drawing an icon or logo for ur institution, any sort of cards,certificates,flyers,covers or any type of graphic works .....feel free to contact me xD
cheap and best in your town
visit my portfolio ~~~

okay, i spoke lots of things bout me here, but still 2B frank its not the practical way to recognize me, you need to reveal me better by going through my literarure,philosophy, art works, paintings & designs or the stuffs that i ve created for you.

so go ahead!

आफ्नै कुरा लेख्दा
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